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Furniture Designer Maker Timothy Hawkins

All our furniture is designed and made by award winning designer maker and Master Craftsman Timothy Hawkins.

For Tim, this work is a vocation rather than simply a profession and his aim continues to be to create unique furniture for you & future generations to treasure.

Tim's extraordinary designs can now be found not only in many private dwellings but also in such diverse places as Hereford Cathedral; a new Oxford College building; various boardrooms, an Academy and a castle - very interesting commissions from extremely discerning clients!

The Victoria & Albert Museum in London advised Tim some years ago to sign all his work ~ in fact he has always done so, with his acorn 'makers mark'. 

Tim's natural affinity for woodworking came from his forebears, who were highly skilled ecclesiastical woodcarvers, their work living on in Cathedrals and churches both in Britain and abroad. 

As a child Tim began making small, useful wooden items for family and friends, then simple pieces of furniture for local retailers once he had left Art College.

In 1980 (aged twenty-one and with support from his parents) Tim started his own business, selling directly from his workshop at first and then displaying his unique designs within his own showroom.

Since that time he has led a small team of craftsmen in making furniture of the finest quality.

His skill as a cabinet maker and his dedication to creating furniture of superlative quality has also led to Tim's work being shown regularly at various exhibitions.

Using time-honoured methods and the finest quality woods he designs pieces that he hopes will give lasting satisfaction, enhancing the spaces in which they sit. 

Whether you would like something for yourself or are looking for a special gift for someone, perhaps for a wedding or special anniversary present, then we will be happy to help and advise.

Should you aim to discuss a possible commission with Tim at the time of your visit then please ring in advance if you are able to, or check our contact page as there are occasions when he may not be available.

Towards the end of 2014 Tim re-christened his showroom as the Timothy Hawkins Gallery, now showing original fine quality contemporary Art & Craft by UK artisans alongside his furniture. 

All our timber is certified by our suppliers as having come from sustainable sources and nothing is wasted ~ the sawdust is given free of charge to a local stables whilst anything larger is sold as firewood.  


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